Tips to Stay Calm While Playing Poker!

Like most things in life, playing poker well also depends on how calm your mind is. While it’s a simple fact to know, it’s not so simple to execute it while playing poker. So, if you are someone who likes playing poker online but struggles with not being able to concentrate on the game consistently then here are some practical tips that can help you stay calm while playing poker.

Good Music Helps: While playing poker sitting physically inside a casino this might not be possible but if you are playing poker online then you can put on some soothing music in the background. If it’s just instrumental it will be even better because there would be even no lyrics to distract your focus.

Meditate: Practicing meditation clears your mind and will certainly help you maintain your calm when you are facing a tricky situation while playing poker online. Mediating helps in making you more patient and that would certainly help in poker. For instance, patient poker players usually don’t play a hand after a bad beat. Meditation will help you keep a poker face even when the going gets tough.

Take a Break: While it sounds like very basic advice but it does work a lot when you have not had great time on the poker table. Taking a break helps a poker player block the negative thoughts that they might have been experiencing while playing the game. Playing a lot of longer periods of time specially when things aren’t going your way on the table can be stressful. If you are participating in a multi-day tournament ensure to pace your game well.

Recite Positive Affirmations: Be it playing poker online or at a casino when you aren’t playing well you should recite some positive affirmations to increase your self-belief. Phrases like ‘I will win.’ ; ‘I will make things happen.’; ‘I’m a good enough player.’ Affirmations like these help you survive the difficult period while playing poker while maintaining your calm.

Remember the Good Times: When things aren’t going exactly as you planned on the poker table many poker players feel frustrated. This is the time you have to remember all the victories you have had or the great moves you’ve made or the comebacks you have done in the game. This will help you deal with the stress and overcome it. If you can master this skill you will enjoy the game more and never make emotional decisions while playing poker.

Never Make Moves for Sake of It: Once you sit on a poker table always make moves with reason. Never do it just to change the flow of the game or introduce some momentary thrill.  Always make moves which have been thought through considering its impact because doing so will always keep your emotions under check on the poker table.

It’s Just A Game: People play poker for different reasons. Some play to pass their time, while others are attracted towards the rewards. However, once you start playing poker be it online or offline you have got to understand this fact that at the end of the day it’s just a game and in any game you will have good days and not-so-good ones. So, never get too excited by victories and never get too bogged down with losses. Playing poker is much more fun when you consider it just a game where win and losses are an integral part.

Enjoy the Game: Yes, a lot of poker players forget this simple aspect that is why they began playing poker. Most people download poker on their smartphones because they love the game. However, over time they run after rewards or put too much pressure on themselves, always thinking of how to win which makes them feel the stress. Many keep their hopes really high from the game and end up getting frustrated when things don’t go according to plan while playing poker. The key for all poker players at all times should be enjoy the game and all the other things will be automatically taken care of.

Prepare Well: One of the biggest reasons why a lot of players feel stress is because they aren’t very well prepared when it comes to rules of the game and the challenges they might face while playing poker. However, if you have put enough effort to improve your game or a big poker tournament you won’t feel anxious when the big day comes.

Conclusion: By following these tips both budding and veteran poker players can feel calmer during the stressful times on the poker table and enjoy the game more. Playing Poker is not going to a cakewalk but following these tips can make it slightly easier. Hope you enjoyed reading this blog? Now download poker on your iOS or android device and begin your journey on Octro Poker.

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